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BBG Communications
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SingTel IPO


SingTel currently remains as Singapore’s largest IPO. It was listed on the Singapore Exchange in November 1993 and on the Australian Stock Exchange in September 2001.

To free itself from other auxiliary services, and refocus all its energy on its core telecommunications services business, SingTel streamlined its operations. It sold 60% of Singapore Post in an Initial Public Offering in May 2003. By June of the same year, SingTel divested its stakes to CVC Asia Pacific and J.P. Morgan Partners Asia in its Yellow Pages directory business for S$220 million.

In April 2001, SingTel was awarded a 3G licence. In July 2003, SingTel announced that it has appointed Ericsson as the vendor for its 3G network in Singapore. And by February 2005, SingTel launched its commercial 3G services.

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1658 Gailes Boulevard
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