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Independent Canadian Cable Stations


Canada is also not short of independent stations which include CKXT in Toronto, CFTU in Montreal, CJON in St. John's and CJIL in Lethbridge. However, most of these are not general entertainment stations similar to US independent stations, but are specialty community channels or educational service providers. CKXT and CJON are the only independent commercial stations currently operating in Canada. However, rather than purchasing program rights independently, CJON sublicenses a mix of programming from the main commercial networks.

By law, all broadcast networks in Canada are required to produce and air Canadian content. But only the English and French networks of the CBC run predominantly Canadian-produced schedules. Both CTV and Global, for example, have faced criticism at times over their perceived lesser Canadian programming content. Both networks, CTV and Global, often air hit American series than Canadian productions. Perhaps, one downside of homegrown television production in Canada is that it is relatively cost-intensive given the comparatively small size of the Canadian market. The French-language networks traditionally have had less difficulty meeting their Canadian content obligations, as the language difference makes Francophone audiences much more readily receptive to home-grown programming than to dubbed American imports.

Digital Television in Canada

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1658 Gailes Boulevard
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