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Canadian Film Industry


Canada's film industry predominantly have the mainstream North American audiences in mind in its productions, with Alliance Atlantis and Lions Gate Films in particular enjoying significant successes in recent years. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are major production centres, Vancouver being the second largest film and television production centre in North America. And who has not heard of the Toronto International Film Festival, considered today as one of the most important events in North American film, showcasing both Canadian talent and Hollywood films.

Alliance Atlantis is considered today as the largest and most successful Canadian film studio, both as a film and television production house. Up and coming is Lions Gate Entertainment, which has recently become a major player in the Canadian film scene.

Government bodies such as Telefilm Canada is often a source of funding for many Canadian film production, with CBC television is often a Canadian film's most lucrative potential market. But thanks to established network of film festivals in the country, many Canadian films get enough mileage and marketing and audience opportunities. Besides Toronto's film festival, the smaller Vancouver International Film Festival features films from around the world, and festivals in Montreal, Quebec and Greater Sudbury, Ontario—among other cities—are also important opportunities for Canadian filmmakers to gain exposure among more populist film audiences.

The National Film Board of Canada, one particular film production house, has become known internationally for its animation and documentary production.

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