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Canadian City Newspapers


Almost all Canadian cities have at least one daily newspaper, along with community and neighbourhood weeklies. In large cities which have more than one daily newspaper, usually at least one daily is in tabloid format. Montreal and Ottawa have important papers in both French and English, being bilingual cities.

Canada currently has two major "national" newspapers, The Globe and Mail and the National Post. Le Devoir, although not widely read outside of Quebec, serves as the French-language counterpart to the national newspapers.

The Toronto Star is newspaper with the highest circulation while the newspaper with the highest readership per capita is the Windsor Star.

Canadian newspapers are mostly owned by large chains. The largest of these is the CanWest News Service chain, owned by CanWest. Quebecor owns many tabloid newspapers through its Sun Media subsidiary, including Le Journal de Montréal and the Toronto Sun.

Newspaper ownership is also a concern in Canada. most recent of which was when Conrad Black's Hollinger acquired the Southam newspapers in the late 1990s. Hollinger subsequently sold its Canadian properties, however. And many of their smaller-market newspapers were bought by a variety of new ownership groups such as Osprey Media. This development has in fact contributed to the increase in the diversity of newspaper ownership for the first time in many years.

A turn towards alternative weekly newspapers have been observed in the 1980s and 1990s. These are mostly city-based broadsheets or tabloids, with coverage of the arts and alternative news, geared towards a younger audience. Many of these weeklies have also been acquired or just went out of business because of competition from giants like CanWest, Quebecor and Irving. Smaller newspapers like The Dominion, publishing primarily online but in a newspaper format, have attempted to fill the gaps in Canada's journalistic coverage while avoiding the vulnerabilities of the previous generation of alternative media.

By this decade, a number of online news and culture magazines have launched to provide alternative sources of journalism with some important online publications today that include Rabble, The Tyee, Vigile, CBC Radio Three/Bande à part and SooToday.com.

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