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Radio Broadcasting in Canada


There are roughly 2000 radio stations, on both the AM and FM bands serving Canada.

Major commercial radio broadcast groups in Canada include Rogers Communications, Corus Entertainment, Astral Media, CTVglobemedia and Newcap Broadcasting. However, many smaller broadcasting stations operate radio services as well. Most genres of music are represented on the Canadian commercial radio spectrum, including pop, rock, hip hop, country, jazz and classical. News, sports, talk radio and religious stations are also available in many cities. In addition, many Canadian universities and colleges have licensed campus radio stations. And some communities have set-up community radio stations licensed to non-profit groups or co-operatives.

The publicly owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation operates four national radio networks, two each in English and French. The English Radio One and the French Première Chaîne provide news and information programming to most communities in Canada, on either the AM or FM band. The English Radio 2 and French Espace musique provide arts and culture programming, including classical music and opera, and are always on FM, serving mostly larger communities.

By law, music-based commercial radio stations in Canada are required to reserve at least 35 per cent of their playlists on Canadian content. However, exemptions are given in some border cities where the competition from American stations threatens the survival of Canadian broadcasters, and for stations whose formats may not have enough Canadian recordings available to meet the 35 per cent target.

Canadian AM Band

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