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Canadian Television Broadcasting Industry


Ownership of the Canadian television broadcasting industry is both public and private. Currently, the country has about 130 originating television stations, which broadcast on 1,456 transmitters across the country, on both the VHF and UHF bands.

Besides the public Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which operates bilingually, in English and French, there are four major private TV networks. CTV and Global broadcast in English, and are available across the country. TVA and TQS have their programming in French and are mainly aired in Quebec, although TVA be accessed across Canada via cable television. Radio-Canada, TVA and TQS function in the particular cultural context of Quebec television. Most network stations are owned and operated by the networks themselves, although all networks except Global have some affiliates with different ownership.

Canada also has the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, a service devoted mainly to programming from the First Nations. It is considered as part of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission network, although in most of Canada APTN airs only on cable.

But only CBC/Radio-Canada, TVA and APTN are officially considered national networks by the CRTC, while TQS is a provincial network in Quebec. CTV and Global are legally considered "television services" even though they operate as networks for all practical purposes.

Cable TV in Canada

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