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Media History in Canada


Mature and advanced in its media sector, Canada’s cultural output however, specifically English films, television shows, and magazines — is often overshadowed by imports from its neighbouring United States.

Canada’s television, magazine, and newspaper companies are primarily for-profit corporations based on advertising, subscription, and other sales-related revenues. But both its television broadcasting and publications sectors require minimum government interventions for them to remain profitable. These interventions range from regulation that bars foreign companies in the broadcasting industry, to tax laws that limit foreign competition in magazine advertising.

In the broadcasting sector, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which operates radio and TV networks in English and French, is government-funded. Some provincial governments likewise have their own public educational TV broadcast stations like Ontario's TVOntario and Quebec's Télé-Québec. Considering Canada's small market and its proximity to the dominant producer of feature films, the Canadian film industry often needs substantial help from the government, for it to remain competitive, or in some cases, afloat. Even in the current decade, about half of the budget of a typical Canadian film are largely invested in by federal and provincial government sources.

History of Canadian Media

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