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Japanese Media History


Early Japanese media history can be traced to newspapers in the Meiji period, the first being the Nagasaki Shipping List & Advertiser. It was founded in 1861 in Nagasaki.

The telegraph and telephone following suit. And was followed by the broadcast industry which has been dominated by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Nippon Hoso Kyokai—NHK) since its founding in 1925.

In the postwar period, NHK's budget and operations were under the administration of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.This was changed with the Broadcasting Law of 1950, which provides for independent management and programming by NHK.

Television broadcasting then began in 1953, with color television sets introduced in 1960. From free channels, cable television was introduced in 1969. In 1978 an experimental broadcast satellite with two color television channels was launched. Subsequently, operational satellites for television use were launched between 1984 and 1990. Television viewing has largely become a part of daily life that by 1987, 99 percent of Japan's households had color television sets and the average family reportedly had its set on, for at least five hours a day.

Japanese NHK Public Television

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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard
San Diego, CA, 92154
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