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China Mobile Phone Growth


Post-1997, China's telecommunications service quality was further made a notch higher with the acquisition of Hong Kong's highly advanced systems. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, pouring of foreign investment in the country's telecommunications sector spurred further growth. Notable has been the tremendous increase in Internet and mobile phone subscriptions.

These developments made China the world leader in cell phone subscription, in the early 21st century. It also ranks first in the world in numbers of both mobile and fixed-line telephones, and second in the number of internet users.

However, much remains to be done in reaching out to the demands and needs of relatively poorer regions. A large proportion of the country's population still has little, if at all they have access to basic telephone and Internet service. While the number of cellular phones has grown enormously, surpassing that for standard telephones in 2003, phones per capita is still not comparable with those of developed countries.

To date, China is the largest user of largest Voice calling over the Internet or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services with 51 million Tom-Skype users as of November 2007.

China Telecommunications Services History

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