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China Microwave Radio Relay Lines


Microwave radio relay lines and buried cable lines were laid out to create a network of wideband carrier trunk lines, which essentially covered the whole country. The installation of communications satellite ground stations and the construction of coaxial cables linking Guangdong Province with Hong Kong and Macau linked China to the international telecommunications network. Provincial-level units and municipalities followed suit, in expanding local telephone and wire broadcasting networks. Expansion and modernization of the telecommunications system run unabetted throughout the late-1970s and early 1980s, with preference to the production of radio and television sets and expanded broadcasting capabilities.

By the mid-1980s marked improvements occurred with the entry of foreign technology and a better domestic production capabilities. High quality international and long-distance telephone cable and satellite links multiplied by leaps and bounds. Telegraph, facsimile, and telex began to be in use. International satellite ground stations in Beijing and Shanghai were constructed and a domestic satellite communication network started to be operational in 1986. Not only that, over 160 radio stations existed by the mid-1980s, and transistorized radio receivers were common everywhere in China. A vast wired broadcasting system included over 2,600 stations carrying radio transmissions into all rural units and many urban areas. The television system grew rapidly in 1980s, with 90 television stations beaming across 80 million tv sets in homes and offices by 1987.

By 1987, China saw itself having a diversified and well-connected telecommunications system - telephone, telegraph, radio, and television - making all parts of the country tapped into the communication and information highway. China's telecommunications services has taken great leaps from the 1980s, and even more rapidly after 1990, especially when the country’s telecommunications sector embraced fiber-optics systems and digital technology.

China Mobile Phone Subscription Growth

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