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China Conference Call Services


Later, conference call services over the telephone were introduced, radio communications were upgraded, and the manufacture of in-country telecommunications equipment was accelerated. While there was a record low in the telecommunications industry coinciding with the economic collapse after the Great Leap Forward (1958-60), it was revived in the 1960s as telephone networks were expanded and advanced equipments were introduced, including the importation of plants and equipments from the West.

It was in 1963 that telephone wires had been laid from Beijing to the provincial capitals, autonomous regions centers, and other large cities. This expansion of the telephone coverag seeped to administrative seats of the counties, smaller municipalities and larger market towns.

There was also a noticeable change in the telecommunications hardware used in China. In the years immediately following 1949, telecommunications — by telegraph or telephone — mainly used wire but was replaced in the 1970s, by radio telecommunications equipment. Radio telecommunications gave way later to microwave and satellite transmissions, which is still commonly used as of today. In 1986, China launched its first television-broadcast satellite.

In 1956, the first automatic speed Teletype was laid on the Beijing-Lhasa line. Less than 10 years later, in 1964 such machines had been in place in most of China's major cities. Radio-television service also was installed in major cities, and radio teleprinters became widely used.

Major developments in China’s telecommunications system was made possible with institutional planning, specifically in the Fourth Five-Year Plan (1971-75). The program gave top priority to scarce electronics and construction resources and delivered support that dramatically revolutionized all aspects of China's telecommunications capabilities.

Microwave radio relay lines in China

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