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Recent Developments in Chinese Telecommunications


Based on MII estimates, China reached the 295 million subscription mark in 2004 for main telephone lines, 305 million for mobile telephones. Both categories showed substantial jumps from the previous decade. To illustrate, in 1995 there were only 3.6 million cellular telephone subscribers and around 20 million main-line telephone subscribers. By 2003 there were 42 telephones per 100 people. Not only this, internet use also has soared in China from about 60,000 Internet users in 1995 to 22.5 million users in 2000; which further swelled in 2005 to 103 million. Admittedly this figure is well down the mark of United Statesí 159 million users and although fairly low per capita, it was second in the world and at par with Japanís 57 million users.

Chinaís 2.7 million kilometers of optical fiber cables by 2003 further upped its telecommunications capability and modernization. China supplies an increasing volume of televisions both for domestic use and for export, which in 2001 was counted to be more than 46 million sets on top of 317 million sets in use. At the same time, 417 million radios were counted to be in use in China, a rate of 342 per 1,000 population.

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