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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92154

Opportunities in the Retail Sector

BBG Communications partners with many different retail establishments to increase or compliment product lines, while providing a reliable monthly revenue stream.

BBG Communications core products and services that are offered to retail establishments are:

1. Broadband Kiosks
2. Pre-Paid Card Services
3. Card Vending Machines

Broadband Kiosks

As new technologies such as the internet, email and instant messaging become more and more mainstreamed to business and recreational needs, users have showed increasing demand for constant access, wide presence and greater coverage to these technologies,. BBG Communication Internet terminals with integrated wireless hotspots deliver these critical applications to mobile professionals and recreational users at public venues such as hotels, airports, and marinas.

More importantly, BBG's Kiosks allow you to take advantage and profit from this exciting technology. BBG's Internet Kiosks offer users an exciting suite of pay-per-use features designed to appeal to business and leisure travelers. Business owners also get to earn from these kiosks as they collect revenue every time one of these features is used.

Pre-Paid Card Services

Calling cards are now virtually available everywhere, from convenience stores, coffee shops, to vending machines. The prepaid international phone card has become mainstream, getting even shares if not edging out, collect calling and coin pay phones, as the preferred method of placing both domestic and international calls.

A licensed international long-distance network, BBG is able to develop and distribute telephony products which includes but is not limited to, pre-paid telephone cards.

To save on high roaming charges and expensive long distance tariffs, an increasing number of travelers have showed preference for Pre-Paid Calling Cards. The demand for alternative telephony services have created a large increase in demand over the years.

The pre-paid platforms provided by BBG are perhaps the most advanced and is available almost everywhere. This, matched with our flat organizational scheme provides optimum business and product flexibility. Simply, BBG provides you with a hassle-free turnkey solution.

Card Vending Machines

Because not all individuals are familiar with the prepaid phone card industry, BBG works with businesses in formulating a sound revenue generating strategy that fits their scale – whether they are micro, small, medium or big-sized firms.

BBG is committed in identifying appropriate marketing strategies, competitive pricing on prepaid calling cards, prepaid phone card platforms, rebates, sales support material, customer service, and the type phone card vending machine that a particular business should deploy.

BBG has an array of vending machine choices from single vendors, double vendors, triple vendors, phone-booth vendors, counter top & non-attendant vendors and wall-mount vendors. We also provide all of the necessary phone card banners, phone card posters and neon signs for sales support. And our graphics department can personalize equipment that fit a the need and the scale of the business.

BBG® Technology

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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard
San Diego, CA, 92154
Email: info@bbgcomm.com
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