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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92154

BBG® Servicing the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

BBG Communications is ready to serve hotels of all sizes, in partnerships or client relationships, for providing improved telecommunication services to its guests, while assuring their businesses a reliable monthly revenue stream.

Hotels can avail of the following core products and services from us:

1. Operator Assisted Services
2. Pre-Paid Card Services
3. WiFi Networks
4. Broadband Kiosks
5. Consulting Services
6. Hotel has the choice to set their own Rates.

Utmost in our mind at BBG Communications is (1) to meet and satisfy the telecommunication needs of the practical international tourist, (2) by creating dialing systems that provide multiple Billing options and are easy to use, while (3) ensuring a significant positive cash flow for our Hotel-clients by having them hooked up with a cost-free, turnkey solution for Hotels that directly benefit its bottom-line.

Operator Assisted Calls

The largest telecommunications service providers have generally restrictive access to hotel guests in making long distance collect and credit card calls to countries other than their home country, from their guest room telephones. This leaves a lose-lose situation with guests frustrated, and hotels with no revenue from call transactions.

With BBG Communications, Inc. services, hotel guests will have the choice of making a toll free call to a BBG operator who will facilitate & process the credit card, collect call (reverse charge), calling card or third party charge.

What is the potential revenue stream from an OAS alliance?

Hotels who enrol with the services of BBG Communications, Inc. will be allowed to handle every Operator Assisted Call and partake of a significant revenue shares generated from these calls. The BBG Communications, Inc. contract does not require a guaranteed revenue threshold. While at the same time, assumes all programming, marketing and collection responsibilities. Monthly commissions from the billable revenue goes to hotels.

Listed below are some of the benefits that have allowed BBG Communications to become the premier OAS provider in the industry.

1. More revenues for each international operator assisted call.

2. There are no cost to your business, as BBG Communications, Inc. bears all associated costs.

3. Risk-free to your business, as BBG Communications, Inc. assumes all responsibility for the calls and in guaranteeing user’s satisfaction.

4. No chance of accumulating bad debts or uncollectibles as BBG Communications, Inc. assumes all responsibilities relating to billing and collection of all calls.

5. Operational local and regional offices for dedicated customer service

6. 500 live operators with multilingual skills ready to serve customers

7. Extensive billing capability options in the market for the end user

8. All Guest Dialing Materials, marketing and operating costs of the service are to be prepared, implemented and disseminated by BBG Communications, Inc.

Pre-Paid Cards

A licensed international long-distance network, BBG is able to develop and distribute telephony products which includes but is not limited to, pre-paid telephone cards in North America - United States, Mexico and Canada.

To save on high roaming charges and expensive long distance tariffs, an increasing number of travelers, specifically hotel guests have showed preference for Pre-Paid Calling Cards. The demand for alternative telephony services have created a large increase in demand over the years.

The pre-paid platforms provided by BBG are perhaps the most advanced and is available almost everywhere. This, matched with our flat organizational scheme provides optimum business and product flexibility. Simply, BBG provides you with a hassle-free turnkey solution.

WiFi Networks

BBG also offers hotels the option to implement WiFi networks installed within their general facilities, such as the lobby, pool area, rooms, business center and conference rooms. BBG has only respect for customer demand. Your hotel’s partnership with us is consistent with the hotel industry’s hospitality and service-orientation, while providing you stable access to the web.

Broadband Kiosks

As new technologies such as the internet, email and instant messaging become more and more mainstreamed to business and recreational needs, users have showed increasing demand for constant access, wide presence and greater coverage to these technologies,. BBG Communication Internet terminals with integrated wireless hotspots deliver these critical applications to mobile professionals and recreational users at public venues.

BBG's Internet Kiosks offer users an exciting suite of pay-per-use features designed to appeal to business and leisure travelers. Business owners also get to earn from these kiosks as they collect revenue every time one of these features is used.

Consulting Services

BBG is equipped, through our trained consulting team, to provide companies a comprehensive audit of their current telecommunications operations. The whole audit process, feedback such as areas of improvement in both level of services and revenue generation will be provided.

BBG’s consulting team provides a risk and commitment-free audit for hotels and other enterprises. Once the audit is completed, different options will be made available to the firm, with particular focus on streamlining processes, bringing down costs, and improving profit levels.

The strength in our management team and knowledge of our sales team makes this opportunity a must for all hotels.

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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard
San Diego, CA, 92154
Email: info@bbgcomm.com
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